The new reality for leaders

The world is now a fishbowl. People’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and biases are on display and they bring them to work, good or bad. Without the tools to distinguish between personal issues and work challenges, this results in culture issues, toxic environments and work not getting done. Standard action and result-focused leadership training simply escalate these problems.

The solution to evolve

Conscious leadership upgrades our interpersonal and communication skills, providing the tools to distinguish personal values and needs from workplace demands. Employees show up at work interacting and communicating as team players with a common goal. The result is a thriving, learning and evolving workplace.

The CLE is our flagship program. It is a +21-hour certification program in the principles and methods of conscious leadership. Leaders receive coaching through team issues, apply ConsciousLead self-coaching tools and develop skills to create a learning and evolving team.

Program Outcomes

  • Become certified in the ConsciousLead methodology
  • Understand the root cause of team issues
  • Work through personal and professional blindspots
  • Become empowered to guide team members in ConsciousLead process
  • Create a healthy workplace that supports growth and productivity


Meet your Conscious Coaches

Leadership & Life Coach

Dale Allen

With 17 years of leadership coaching in the public and private sector, Dale’s brain-based training programs exemplify equity consciousness and social justice. Her passion for maximizing potential, heightening communication and dissolving destructive behavior is reflected in her roles as a speaker, yoga teacher, wife and mother of two.

Leadership & Life Coach

Trevor Stevenson

Fun, direct and empathetic leadership coach, facilitator and youth worker. Over 20 years practical experience in conscious, results-oriented personal, professional and team development in public and private sectors, education and healthcare industries, worldwide. Father. Husband. World traveller. Co-Founder of The Leadership Group (now ConsciousLead) and Generate U (a youth development NFP).

What's Included

  • 1:1 discovery coaching session to establish areas of development

  • Virtual training delivered in six 3-hour, interactive sessions

  • A 3-hour harvest and application session to solidify learning

  • 1:1 post-experience coaching session to quantify development & establish next steps

  • 4 months of ongoing Group coaching

  • 4 months of ongoing coaching with your Practice Partner

  • 3-hour Graduation Ceremony

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