With the Confident Leadership Masterclass, you’ll finally be able to...

  • Strengthen your resolve and decision-making abilities

  • Design a personal process to dissolve uncertainty once and for all

  • Discover strategies to create a culture of confidence on your team

As a leader, people look to you to make decisions.

You're tasked with being sure, even in times of uncertainty. 

You don't want to keep looking back and wondering if you've taken them down the wrong path

You're ready to stand up and point them in the right direction, but you just don't feel 100% sure of yourself.

You're not alone:

Lots of leaders are afraid of failing the people who depend on them — so afraid, they're frozen into inaction

As a leader, you are in the unique position to help navigate your team (or family, or community, exercise group or fishing buddies) through whatever challenges that may come. 

With a little bit of consciousness and the right skills, we know you can use your inner confidence to guide your people well.

It starts with you 💫

  • By evaluating and reflecting on the things that are most important to you, you can start to shape your sense of unshakable certainty.

  • By breaking down confidence into its parts, you'll see that mastering it means practicing a set of very specific skills.

  • Yes, you're a leader, but that doesn't mean you were born with all the right skills. Confidence takes work.

  • You can develop the tools to be the most confident version of yourself and influence those around you to be more confident, too.

 👆 all this and more inside your masterclass. (It's on sale, too!)

Start leading with confidence.

  • Brain-based practices

    Neuroleadership tools to help you access confidence

  • Strengths builder

    Knowledge to disrupt uncertainty when faced with challenges

  • Confidence atlas

    An entire toolkit of skills to use for future situations

  • Team strategies

    Activities to do with your team to create a culture of confidence

  • Self evaluation

    Personal development to build confidence at your foundation

🌟 Imagine if you could...

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The results of Confident Leadership are transformative

  • Get to the root of your internal confidence and build up from there

  • Master a set of skills you can use to face any challenging situation

  • Ooze confidence that people admire and create a culture that values it

This self-directed masterclass is rooted in the idea that confidence is built, not born.

The Confident Leadership Masterclass is for those ready to stop worrying about the future. It’s designed to help you lead with lightness and clarity.

Beyond that, this work will help you share your sense of certainty with the community you lead. 

What if you could strengthen your resolve right now?

This program brings you the conscious revelations you need to become a more confident leader.

Start by looking inside yourself, and uproot all that's holding you back from experiencing complete confidence.

Confidence has to come from somewhere

We’ll help you learn the strategies you need to dissolve uncertainty and be sure of yourself
Confident Leadership Masterclass - what's inside

The Confident Leadership Masterclass includes...

  • Confidence guidebook

  • Self evaluations

  • Mindset disruptors

  • Toolbox of skills

  • Professional and personal growth

  • Application strategies

We know how hard it is to be sure you're steering things in the right direction.

You may have already decided that you need to take a new approach to life and leadership. 

But you don’t know where to begin.

That’s exactly why...

With the Confident Leadership Masterclass, you'll get...

✅ Comprehensive online lessons

✅ Mastery of confidence practices

✅ Lessons from 20+ years of coaching expertise

✅ Videos, toolkits, and worksheets 

✅ Tools for personal development 

✅ Customized skills guide

✅ Private LinkedIn community

✅ Personal mission statement

✅ Team confidence strategies

With the Confident Leadership Program, you'll get...


What is included in the content?

The Confident Leadership Masterclass gives you access to our online learning portal, complete with lessons created from Dale Allen and Trevor Stevenson's 20+ years of leadership coaching experience. During this self-paced masterclass, coursework will be interspersed with reflections, practical exercises, and workbook activities. You will create goals, develop and nurture habits, and utilize tools that provide the mental resilience to be with life through all the ups and downs (and side to sides). By the end, you will design your own personal process to dissolve uncertainty. You will explore all different aspects of confidence and see how each part contributes to your leadership.

How can I access the content?

The content will be delivered as an online course and supported with bonus downloads, reflective exercises, and a LinkedIn community. Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to join the online learning portal, where you can access the program any time. You’ll move through the course material as prompted within your online portal.

When does this program start?

The Confident Leadership Masterclass starts as soon as you log in. Once you sign up for the class, we’ll send you an email with all the details and help you log into your personal learning portal. Then you can work at your own pace!

Is this for any type of leader?

This masterclass is for anyone who wants to develop the skills to approach their work or life with more confidence. It's a self-directed class, so it has no time constraints. You don't need to be at any particular leadership level to benefit from this course, just willing to dive in and do the deep work. You'll get out what you put in!

How much time will this take me to complete?

The Confident Leadership Masterclass includes 7 robust sections with 10-15 lessons each, including videos, workbooks, and toolkits. To get the most out of the course, you'll want to complete all the reflective thought work, but it's a self-directed course that will take you as much time as you need!

How do I contact you to see if this is a fit for me?

You can book a free call with us anytime. Just use this link: FREE 15-minute coaching call with Dale and Trevor