With the Conscious Equity Program, you'll finally be able to...

  • Take a firm stand to dissolve racism, ageism, genderism and other hurtful “isms” that continue to suppress people

  • Do your part on the journey toward a more just and inclusive society

  • Develop the consciousness and skills to create an environment of harmony and justice

Leadership starts with you 💫

By placing yourself in control of your thoughts, you are able to dismantle the destructive and problematic patterns of communication that harm both the individual and the collective.

By accessing your consciousness, you see your own thoughts, biases, and triggers, and better connect with people whose thoughts, sensitivities, and life experiences are different from your own.

As a spirited community leader, you can enact positive change in the spaces where you have influence.

You can develop the tools to be the very best version of yourself and influence those around you to do better.

Join us and recreate your space so all people feel heard, understood, and safe to be themselves.

  • Coaching

    Group coaching to help you cultivate compassion and belonging

  • Empathic communication skills

    4-step process for empathic listening, speaking, and thinking

  • Brain-based practices

    Neuroleadership tools to remove discrimination and biases

  • Equity-based leadership

    4 equity, inclusion, and justice principles to guide your team and your life

  • Growth strategies

    Methods to turn mistakes and miscommunication into growth

The Conscious Equity Program has the power to change your life, your organization, and even the world

6 weeks+ of transformation for 3 monthly payments of $3,186.60

✨ Imagine what it would feel like to...

The results of Conscious Equity are transformative

  • Understand the root causes of discrimination and hurtful behaviour

  • Adjust your relationship to power and power imbalances in your team

  • Guide others in creating healthy and balanced environments, free from discrimination

This 48-hour, 6-week+ certificate program is rooted in the principles of conscious equity for the creation of social justice 

The Conscious Equity Program is for those ready to recognize inequity as an unconscious bias. It’s designed to shed light on the systemic manifestation of that bias.

Beyond that, this work will help you do something about it...for yourself and those you lead. 

What if you could choose empathy, nonviolence, and intentional healing right now? 

This program brings you the clarity and conscious revelations you need to cross over to a more equitable, conscious state of being.

Journey there without judgment or guilt so you can not just embrace change, but actually create it!

To change the world, you have to start within.

We’ll help you begin the transformation so you can make your slice of the world better!

The Conscious Equity Program includes...

  • Deep-rooted transformation

  • Intensive coaching

  • Equity implementation strategies

  • Videos and downloads

  • Ongoing community conversations

  • Reflective exercises

We know it's hard to make the changes you want to see in the world.

You may have already thought about creating a more just and harmonious work environment. 

But you don’t know where to begin.

That’s exactly why...

With the Conscious Equity Program, you'll get:

✅ Guided Online Lessons 

✅ One-on-one Coaching

✅ Group Coaching Intensive Sessions 

✅ Conscious Equity Thoughtbook 

✅ Ongoing Partner Coaching 

✅ Monthly Healing Sessions 

✅ Passion Project Guidance 

✅ Completion Certificate


What is included in the content?

The Conscious Equity Program gives you access to our online learning portal, one-on-one coaching with Dale or Trevor to kick-start your journey. Then, during the program, coursework will be interspersed with group coaching, online learning, and thoughtbook work. Ongoing bonuses include monthly partner coaching, monthly healing sessions, partner coaching, passion project support, and a graduation to celebrate all your hard work.

How can I access the content?

The content will be delivered as an online course and supported with live video coaching calls. Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to join the online learning portal, where you will be able to access the program starting on April 11, 2023. You’ll move through the course material as prompted within the online portal. We’ll even tell you when it’s time for your coaching calls and make it super easy for you to book those.

Is this for any type of leader?

This program is for any leader who wants to make social justice a priority in their own workplace, home, or community. There isn’t any one particular type of leader who will benefit from this program more. The only caveat is that this program is for leaders who are willing to do the deep (not hard, but sometimes intense) work of creating internal and external change.

When does this program start?

The Conscious Equity Program starts on April 11, 2023. Once you sign up for the program, we’ll send you an email with all the details and remind you of the start date so you don’t miss it!

How much time will this take me to complete?

The Conscious Equity Program includes 48 hours of learning and coaching, over the course of 6 weeks, with 4 months of ongoing group coaching and support.

How much does the program cost?

This 6 week+ transformative program costs $9,559.80. It is possible to pay in three installments of $3,186.60. You can pay with a credit card on the check-out page. If you would like to register multiple participants at one time OR if you need to pay via invoice, please send us an email at info@consciouslead.life. We're happy to accommodate your needs!

How do I contact you to see if this is a fit for me?

You can book a free call with us anytime. Just use this link: FREE 15-minute coaching call with Dale and Trevor