Become a happier, healthier team

Take your team on a journey toward alignment

  • Develop a new super power for your team to share

  • Discover a whole new way of looking at team (and human) interactions

  • Get more team alignment and a clear path forward

Bouncing back after a mistake is hard

If your team doesn't embrace change well, or they're faced with a challenge they've never seen before, that can be tough too.

When your team isn't aligned, it can throw everything else off — your work, your productivity, your attitude, your company culture.

Maybe you find yourself navigating the blame game with your team, or there are questions about accountability.

Here's the honest truth:

Teams are communities.

To work cohesively toward your common goal, you have to be on the same page.

You have to be connected and communicate effectively. 

Once you nail this, good results will follow. 

If you're wondering how, don't worry, we've got you 💫

🎉 What if you could...

Free your team from negative patterns

  • Neuroleadership tools

    We'll share with you our top coaching strategies to help shift group thinking

  • Breakout groups

    Small group exercises mean real-time skills practice for everyone

  • Group coaching

    We help your team find better strategies for the specific issues they face

  • Fun!

    Playful activities to engage your team — yes, you'll learn, but we'll let loose a little too!

  • Reflective exercises

    Moments to help your team apply their new mindset to real-life scenarios


What is included in the content?

The Team Reset is two, 2-hour online workshops, for a total of 4 hours, designed to help your team work through their challenges, clarify their goals, communicate consciously, build connections and have fun through it all. You get access to us (Dale and Trevor, your ConsciousLead coaches) for 4 hours to learn conscious team performance skills AND to talk through your team's specific needs and also cover the alignment needs all teams need to meet to find cohesion and success. We will break out into groups to practice what we're learning. Then we'll gather back together for some more specific coaching discussion.

When does this program start?

The Team Reset are workshops that are customized to your needs. Once you register, we'll start with an alignment call with you to learn about your team and what the specific needs are. Then, we'll find a time that works best for everyone and book the workshops (ideally one-week apart).

How long will this program take?

Plan for 4 hours with us! There will be plenty to take with you after we finish up, but how much you choose to continue to discuss, follow up with and implement after the Reset is completely up to you.

Is this for any type of team?

This program is for any team that needs to get realigned, that's facing a new challenge, or that is just looking for an alignment check in! You don't need to be at any particular level to benefit from these workshops, just willing to dive in and do the deep work. You'll get out what you put in!

How much does the program cost?

This 4 hour reset workshop for your whole team costs $5,646.61. If you need to pay via invoice, please send us an email at We're happy to accommodate your needs!

How do I contact you to see if this is a fit for me?

You can book a free call with us anytime. Just use this link: FREE 15-minute coaching call with Dale and Trevor